Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Child Support Abusers

Child Support.
How do you feel about it?
Do you think it's used correctly?
Is it neccessary if the parent thats been/being served is taking care of the child's/ren needs?

I've been dealing with this guy that's been having issues with his ex who is also the mother of his child. From what he's telling me ,he no longer wants a relationship with her, he only wants to be a father to his child without having a intimacy relationship with her. Now that he's moving on she's been threatning to put him on child support even though he's the provider & has been providing for the child throughout their relationship. He works & she doesnt and cant work. Then on top of this she's been threatning to not let him see his son. Also he's brought her a new vehicle to provide transportation for her and their son so its not like he doesnt do for HER and their son. So what's her payback for him not wanting her? Child Support.
In many situations I think its misused & abused , I truely believe the courts should evalcuate the conditions and situations before they order a parent to pay a certain amount of cash every month.
Some parents use it to take care of their own wants and needs,mostly women, to get their hair done, nails done, toes done, buy new outfits , and expensive brand new cars they cant afford when instead they should be paying water bill, electricity bills , buying their kids decent clothes, shoes , wipes, diapers , milk , paying school fees & etc. Instead they're looking fly while their kids are looking a mess.
So what needs to be done about this situation?

Friday, March 2, 2012


So the weekend is finally here & i'm trying to step out by doing something outgoin & fun besides staying in the house wasting my two day weekend away. I was planning on going to visit home , which is 2hrs. frm my current location, since i havent been there in about 2 yrs.But she had other plans she wants to visit Charlotte to go to a CIAA game well scratch that , for the after parties.I'm still kind of on the fence about the whole scenerio.I wanted to leave Fri. afternoon and come back Sun. afternoon. plus not only does she want to go to a game that idnt care anything about , she tells me she has to take a test Sat.morning , so I have to eliminate a day of my visit. I do want to have fun but I just want to relax also.

I have alot of things that need to be done:
-Stop by the piercing parlor to get a clear nose ring
-Get weave frm beauty supply
-get car serviced for " road trip"
-Pay bills

Admiring Obsession...

I get a blank text a few minutes ago... I open the message and there's a picture, of a tattoo. Now letme break it down a few months back you guys know the song "Lotus Flower Bomb" by Wale ft. Miguel was hot at that moment & I saw a tattoo a girl got kind of mimmickin the song & it gave me a ideal to do somethin similiar. So it jus happened to tell my cousin /friend my ideal. Weeks later she tells me that she knows a guy who does good tattoos and we should both get "that" matching tattoo. And boom she has it. & i'm really bugged out because it's like she doesn't have a style of her own . I hate ppl that want to do the same thing as others so now im like I dont even want that tattoo anymore ,i'll just find another ideal.

 Crazy thing about this is that this isnt the first time shes done something like this so what line do you draw between admiring and obsession?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

exotic Dancers and Relationships

Strippers..... and relationships.... how do you think they work it possible for them to function correctly of normal ?
I'm curious to know.
This post was kind of inspired by Tyga (YMCMB member) and Black Chyna(exotic dancer, King of Diamonds /K.O.D) & their relationship .
May be they're not in a relationship but close friends , IDK but it seems to me that they're more than that but anyhow we're just going to say they're in a relationship as of now.

yeah, you get the picture,literally.
 I wonder how does the trust of this relationship goes? I mean you have your woman here & she's taking off her clothes for millions of people.
Is there a respect level?
I wonder how he feels about people that can go to K.o.D anytime they want and just see everything he takes at home at the end of the shift?

Although I think it's kind of a slight difference with entertainers who are in the industry.You have all types of women/men throwing themselves on you .today you're in one city the next you may be in a whole nother country being away from your s/o or spouse. Knowing what you know, i'm pretty sure there's a slight trust issue , but bein that the both of the two are in the lime light & pretty much know the in's & out's of the business they probably have a better understanding of each other & the relationship.

Note:I understand some strippers aren't trashy, meaning their job is simply their job whenever they leave the club it's over and they have a normal life college, providing for their family etc. & they don't take their job outside of the club meaning they don't trick off or date their customers.So i'm in no way,shape or form generalizing.

I lost all memory and sight of what i was actually supposed to say in this post but people how do you feel about strippers and relationships?

Sunday, January 22, 2012


First post of 2012 , celibacy .

What does it mean to you?
What is your 1st thought when you hear the word?
How do you feel about it?
Do you think its possible to maintain celibacy in this day& age?
Could you remain celibate while in a relationship?
Celibacy til Marriage ?

So these are the questions that have been strolling through my head for years now , yes , you read correct . yearS with an S. I'm 18 & i've been battling with this celibacy issue forever . I've tried it many of times but the longest i've managed was 4 months, twice, maybe even more. But this time I want to be serious & really stick to the plan.
My thing has always been self - love .You should treat yourself with love&respect &if you are with someone they should do the same.If your choice is to wait&abstain , they should accept it & respect it , if they really love you & if otherwise they should leave.
It seems like relationships are based on sEx.seX,Sex! and no love or intentions on love,marriage , children & a life together forever. You have sex before you get in a relationship & you get in relationship because you had sex & to get more sex , & you leave the relationship to get sex from elsewhere.
& i've come to conclusion if I do what God wants he'll send me the man i Need who's for me & concern to me.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cheers to the freaking weekend !

So I got off early from work tonight , well lastnight technically since I haven't been so sleep since, I came home , I planned to just do my usual browse blogs & network til 4 a.m. then go off to bed , But tonight a guy friend of mine called me to "hang out" so I took a shower , dressed up , not much but still , I dressed up ...You know how women are ,never on time when it comes to getting ready, but anyways I told him i'd meet him at his house in 15 til 30 mins. I won't like it probably took me an hour  & 15 mins. lol but whenever i was on my way to his house I see him driving the opposite direction from his house LEAVING but coming in my direction ....long story short , he said i took too long , he didn't think I was coming so he's bout to "run somewhere right quick" then he goes on to ask me do I want to get a room (hotel/motel) with him ...So me being me I said HELL NO ! Aint even that type of party *in my ghetto slang/voice* lol so after that i could sense he cocked an attitude so I jus drove off in the middle of him beginning to speak so he pretty much got on my nerves for the night by wasting my time .UGH !!! I FUCKING HATE with a FUCKING PASSION when ppl WASTE    MY    TIME !!!! it gets under my skin to the MAX!!!
So after that I called myself finding something to do since I was already out but a BIG FUCKING FAIL that was....SOOOO I ended up coming back home .popped in a DVD ( Love Jones) , talked on the phone til that ended ... & now im up because I supposed to be lookin for me a car.
My whip ain't shit so i'm trying to get rid of it before it completely goes out & my job has a discount with the local Honda car dealership so I said hey , why not use it to my advantage , shit i need it . So im going to try to find something cheap around 6,000 & the discount is 2500 so 6000-2500=
Not bad ehh ? but you know how dem dealerships be on that fast talk hidden deals type bullshit . Hopefully every thing goes according .

I supposed to be doin a sew - in on a lady's hair today , wish me luck .

Friday, December 9, 2011

Where'd all the blogs go?

You know? The REAL blogs , the ones with meanings & real life shit , shit that's really interested , shit with problems , questions , answers , life, & money issues . Ever time i search for a blog(s) that are appealing to the eye , it ends up being a boo-gee fashion or make -up blog , don't get me wrong that's cool & all but like I said what happened to the real blogs ??? Help !!!