Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cheers to the freaking weekend !

So I got off early from work tonight , well lastnight technically since I haven't been so sleep since, I came home , I planned to just do my usual browse blogs & network til 4 a.m. then go off to bed , But tonight a guy friend of mine called me to "hang out" so I took a shower , dressed up , not much but still , I dressed up ...You know how women are ,never on time when it comes to getting ready, but anyways I told him i'd meet him at his house in 15 til 30 mins. I won't like it probably took me an hour  & 15 mins. lol but whenever i was on my way to his house I see him driving the opposite direction from his house LEAVING but coming in my direction ....long story short , he said i took too long , he didn't think I was coming so he's bout to "run somewhere right quick" then he goes on to ask me do I want to get a room (hotel/motel) with him ...So me being me I said HELL NO ! Aint even that type of party *in my ghetto slang/voice* lol so after that i could sense he cocked an attitude so I jus drove off in the middle of him beginning to speak so he pretty much got on my nerves for the night by wasting my time .UGH !!! I FUCKING HATE with a FUCKING PASSION when ppl WASTE    MY    TIME !!!! it gets under my skin to the MAX!!!
So after that I called myself finding something to do since I was already out but a BIG FUCKING FAIL that was....SOOOO I ended up coming back home .popped in a DVD ( Love Jones) , talked on the phone til that ended ... & now im up because I supposed to be lookin for me a car.
My whip ain't shit so i'm trying to get rid of it before it completely goes out & my job has a discount with the local Honda car dealership so I said hey , why not use it to my advantage , shit i need it . So im going to try to find something cheap around 6,000 & the discount is 2500 so 6000-2500=
Not bad ehh ? but you know how dem dealerships be on that fast talk hidden deals type bullshit . Hopefully every thing goes according .

I supposed to be doin a sew - in on a lady's hair today , wish me luck .

Friday, December 9, 2011

Where'd all the blogs go?

You know? The REAL blogs , the ones with meanings & real life shit , shit that's really interested , shit with problems , questions , answers , life, & money issues . Ever time i search for a blog(s) that are appealing to the eye , it ends up being a boo-gee fashion or make -up blog , don't get me wrong that's cool & all but like I said what happened to the real blogs ??? Help !!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Natural hair growth picpost...

In the beginning...
Day 1,the big chop-
A little later on-

So then she grew and added style


My first straighten after 1 year,1 month and 10 days of completely going natural....

I became bored with just red&black ..sooo I went blonde,the red wore off&the bleach mixed to that orange,auburn tint...

The End of a New Beginning!

Sometimes being busy sucks...

I love the fact of being busy with work & making lots of money doing so as well but at times I get so overwhelmed especially with the type of work & job I have & having the type of job where u don't have a set time , it's just based on whenever all the work is done & that can be anywhere from 8-12 hrs. . But anywho I really don't have time to blog as much as I would like because all I seem to do is work , work , work , but enough of that, i will start making time because there is so many things I want to get off my chest!
I wanted to talk about World Aids Day(Dec.1) ;imissed that . I want to talk about relationships/my relationship&issues(of course) along with sexually frustration &Hair ! Hair ! Hair! Natural hair ! YASSS ! But as of right now all this is going to be on hold to the weekend because in NC it's 3 a.m. I just got off work around 1 a.m. & i have to get back at it at 1 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. So until nxt time ♥

Saturday, December 3, 2011

"ewww Yo Sh*t stank Mommy" ...Is this what we teaching our kids now?

I may be late on this video , i can't recall the date when it was posted but when I was browsing along worldstarhiphop I happened to come across this video... I watched ...& then I judged *kanye shrugs* . In MY eyes , this sh*t is so wrong on so many levels . 1st , I could understand if you doing your thing alone , meaning by yourself , maybe along with your girlfriends or something (not saying it'll exactly be right then either but....Im just saying...)but seriously with your children around !!! Did I say children meaning more than 1 , a older daughter & a younger son , so on both aspects you're fcking up big time. This is the example you're trying to set for your daughter, no respect , no boundaries ? For you're son , do you want him to disrespect women & treat them as trash? well pretty much in other words you are because if you're not taught anything & thats what you've grown accustomed to as a child you have no other knowledge beyond what you was taught & grew up around . SMH ! No amount of words can explain how dirty this sh*t is. You have your daughter recording & your son watching. I think she need to be escorted to a parenting class for one.I don't see abuse but I do see emotional endangerment & someone needs to evalcuate her ass. Thats all with my ranting & what not. If you haven't seen , here's the video.