Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Child Support Abusers

Child Support.
How do you feel about it?
Do you think it's used correctly?
Is it neccessary if the parent thats been/being served is taking care of the child's/ren needs?

I've been dealing with this guy that's been having issues with his ex who is also the mother of his child. From what he's telling me ,he no longer wants a relationship with her, he only wants to be a father to his child without having a intimacy relationship with her. Now that he's moving on she's been threatning to put him on child support even though he's the provider & has been providing for the child throughout their relationship. He works & she doesnt and cant work. Then on top of this she's been threatning to not let him see his son. Also he's brought her a new vehicle to provide transportation for her and their son so its not like he doesnt do for HER and their son. So what's her payback for him not wanting her? Child Support.
In many situations I think its misused & abused , I truely believe the courts should evalcuate the conditions and situations before they order a parent to pay a certain amount of cash every month.
Some parents use it to take care of their own wants and needs,mostly women, to get their hair done, nails done, toes done, buy new outfits , and expensive brand new cars they cant afford when instead they should be paying water bill, electricity bills , buying their kids decent clothes, shoes , wipes, diapers , milk , paying school fees & etc. Instead they're looking fly while their kids are looking a mess.
So what needs to be done about this situation?

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