Thursday, November 17, 2011

100 things I would like to accomplish before I die challenge...

Rules; Say something you would like to do or perhaps a place you would like to travel and why. Simple .

1.I would like to be President Of the whole world.
I feel there's things out there that isn't being done but can be done but just is not being done for what ever reason. In my eyes the world's money is being wasted and mismanaged for one. There is starving families , families with no homes ,yet you can give a cast of 8 EACH a amount of  $100,000 or more a episode for a reality tv show that has no real purpose or positive message.
Sending MAJORITY of US jobs overseas ,& for what ? I don't think no boss out there for a corporation would mind more franchising for their company.So why can't their just be enough to go around so no one will be without.
The justice system is all wrong ,backwards ,and just plain unfair . You have lazy police officers , lawyers ,investigators ,and judges who ignore or better yet care not to find evidence that points to the guilty but yet are set free , to do the crime and get away with it again and the innocent ones are locked away for the rest of their lives because of how a judge felt about a certain thing or involved their personal views on a situation instead of looking at the evidence that was being presented.
Nevertheless ,I just wish I could make the world a better, happier place.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Friends...How many of us have them

When I look back in .... I never really had that one true friend . You know you've always had that friend thats always been there but thats all they've done was just be there. So when I say bestfriend I mean a person who you can vent to without feeling like you're being a burden to them; who you can tell all your secrets,fears and deepest thoughts without them judging you, or how about them not telling the things you all shared between eachother even if you all disagree or fall out with one another; just the person you can be yourself around; the person who isn't jealous of you or your success with anything ,that also isn't jealous when you gain new friends or get the guy that she's been secretly wanting but never told you....I long for a bestfriend, my mind is getting overcrowded,im carrying so much weight on my shoulders, and there are things im dying to talk out.

Thinking of a marriage? and family?

Yes , Me , Marriage , Family , YES like husband, home owner, kids and a dog with a backyard. I don't know what it is that's been having me thinking im ready to settle down and have a family. Smh ! WHY WHY WHY!!! Im only 18 still in school, and working 40+ hours a week with no time in between for a family . Im guessing im just ready to settle down to be happy with that one person who 50% completes me (the other 50% being myself)with no lies, no games ,no trust issues, just communication , love, peace, trust , happiness & freeness.

This just makes me think of how unhappy i am in my relationship now.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Feelin some type of way but not knowing what type of way it is.

Lastnight I found out my cousin, the 2nd person close enough to be called friend , had sex with my lover. The lover that I've been secretly been messing around with for over a year. I mean I couldn't be mad at him, her, or hell not even my damn self . Not at him because I kind of knew what type of man I was dealin with before I got involved which would be a man thats been incarcerated since he was 18/19 & is now 28 so , in my eyes he's playin "catch -up" , he's promiscious(spell check) & selfish , not caring how he get it, where he gets it nor does he care anything about anyone else & there feelings so therefore by carryin on with him pretty much gave him & i approval that everything was cool & we could handle our "situation" . Now Her ,I mean me & him were/are a secret so she didn't know , simple as that. And Me , like I said I knew how he was before I met & took it to that level with him . I mean the whole situation was crazy because My cousin & I always joked around about how we were goin to "get" him , when in reality I got , was gettin him & just had him , but I never told her because I never been the type of female to air out all my personal business to anybody friend,cousin,mom , aunt , nobody .But I always felt if they were willing to tell me theirs i'd listen , take notes & keep my business on the hush. Anyhow we were always a secret because he was older than me & i was illegal at the time so thats where pretty much everything lies . But still I remain in some sence of shock , I guess it's because he knows we are close cousins & he still had sex with her regardless . But now im on the edge of how i should handle the whole situation. I think the best decision for me as of right now would be to cut him completely off without lettin him know why& jus keep it moving & jus one day down the line yrs. from now jus let them both know how i felt.

Its Me again

I have yet to create another blog , idk why , but i have .Maybe , I guess , it's because this blog suppose to be a new me or some sort of new beginning . Iont know *nicki minaj voice* .But anyways I haven't been up to much of nothing lately but workin , working & more WORKING !!! very tiring , but i will not complain because i truely enjoy the money .My job has great benefits, you get paid every week , good hours & the salary is something serious ....BUT.... u knw there's always some CON's to everything .I would have to say i dislike the fact that if you miss days or late for WHATEVER reason , it doesn't matter ,you get points , we're allowed to have up to 12 points then we're TERMINATED. Another one ;you have to explain ur EVERY move . UGH ! i hate that so much . If im sick ,i have to check in with my supervisor to let him knw &tell him why im sick& blah blah blah .I be feeling like a kid in school or something . 30min. breaks.Impossible !too much to do in too little time ....thats all.

I bleached my hair high blonde , idk what tone , but higher than honey i think . I must say I love the look even though im not finished yet. When i was bleaching my hair last Sun. I ran out of bleach & decided to jus wait til this weekend to bleach the rest of my half unbleached hair then i'll put my desired color of rinse .

So Wed.was my cousin's bday but she decided she would have her party Sat.(tech. yesterday) so since i spent the night before outta town I decided, hey why not go to the mall & get a cheap out fit & heels & her a nice , cheap shirt ....It won't take long ...well thats what I told myself . Her party started around 4:30 , for me to get to her party from where I was at would take me an hour + 25mins. ...DRIVING THE SPEED LIMIT SOMETHING I DONT DO !Anyways i got to the mall at 2 something left the mall at 4 something . SMH them damn Shoe stores! gets me everything . I ended up going to FOREVER21 , SHOE DEPO , & CHARLOTTE RUSSE , & i must admit im in love with ANYTHING CHEETAH PRINT ,,,, im addicted . I brought a pair of leopard print pair of heels & a loose see thru floral shirt (ithink thats what u call em)

Im such a procrasinater . I've supposed to been did a writing assignment , its pretty much a essay, for over a month now & i have not even began to start yet . I jus need motivation & drive lord someone jus guide me & pray that I finish SOON !!!!

Im bck in action since I just got my internet bck connected so I should keep everything posted of recent events.