Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cheers to the freaking weekend !

So I got off early from work tonight , well lastnight technically since I haven't been so sleep since, I came home , I planned to just do my usual browse blogs & network til 4 a.m. then go off to bed , But tonight a guy friend of mine called me to "hang out" so I took a shower , dressed up , not much but still , I dressed up ...You know how women are ,never on time when it comes to getting ready, but anyways I told him i'd meet him at his house in 15 til 30 mins. I won't like it probably took me an hour  & 15 mins. lol but whenever i was on my way to his house I see him driving the opposite direction from his house LEAVING but coming in my direction ....long story short , he said i took too long , he didn't think I was coming so he's bout to "run somewhere right quick" then he goes on to ask me do I want to get a room (hotel/motel) with him ...So me being me I said HELL NO ! Aint even that type of party *in my ghetto slang/voice* lol so after that i could sense he cocked an attitude so I jus drove off in the middle of him beginning to speak so he pretty much got on my nerves for the night by wasting my time .UGH !!! I FUCKING HATE with a FUCKING PASSION when ppl WASTE    MY    TIME !!!! it gets under my skin to the MAX!!!
So after that I called myself finding something to do since I was already out but a BIG FUCKING FAIL that was....SOOOO I ended up coming back home .popped in a DVD ( Love Jones) , talked on the phone til that ended ... & now im up because I supposed to be lookin for me a car.
My whip ain't shit so i'm trying to get rid of it before it completely goes out & my job has a discount with the local Honda car dealership so I said hey , why not use it to my advantage , shit i need it . So im going to try to find something cheap around 6,000 & the discount is 2500 so 6000-2500=
Not bad ehh ? but you know how dem dealerships be on that fast talk hidden deals type bullshit . Hopefully every thing goes according .

I supposed to be doin a sew - in on a lady's hair today , wish me luck .

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