Tuesday, January 24, 2012

exotic Dancers and Relationships

Strippers..... and relationships.... how do you think they work .....is it possible for them to function correctly of normal ?
I'm curious to know.
This post was kind of inspired by Tyga (YMCMB member) and Black Chyna(exotic dancer, King of Diamonds /K.O.D) & their relationship .
May be they're not in a relationship but close friends , IDK but it seems to me that they're more than that but anyhow we're just going to say they're in a relationship as of now.

yeah, you get the picture,literally.
 I wonder how does the trust of this relationship goes? I mean you have your woman here & she's taking off her clothes for millions of people.
Is there a respect level?
I wonder how he feels about people that can go to K.o.D anytime they want and just see everything he takes at home at the end of the shift?

Although I think it's kind of a slight difference with entertainers who are in the industry.You have all types of women/men throwing themselves on you .today you're in one city the next you may be in a whole nother country being away from your s/o or spouse. Knowing what you know, i'm pretty sure there's a slight trust issue , but bein that the both of the two are in the lime light & pretty much know the in's & out's of the business they probably have a better understanding of each other & the relationship.

Note:I understand some strippers aren't trashy, meaning their job is simply their job whenever they leave the club it's over and they have a normal life college, providing for their family etc. & they don't take their job outside of the club meaning they don't trick off or date their customers.So i'm in no way,shape or form generalizing.

I lost all memory and sight of what i was actually supposed to say in this post but people how do you feel about strippers and relationships?


  1. As you said I think it can work if the girl doesn't date her "customers". But it won't last unless the guy is extremely comprehensive! I saw a French documentary about that and the guy was excessively jealous.... and I can understand him ... to see every night ur loved one getting all kind of request, attention, remark and gaze for his/ her body would be so frustrating!!!

    in two words: not possible! it's not a long-term job... ( stripper) and at a certain time in her (or his if it's a male) life she would have to choose btw a short career or a short relationship.

  2. i refuse to believe that a huge popullation of strippers are stripping to pay for college tuition, i know times are hard, but its really damn near impossible to get reject for a Federal student loan.
    yeah, but i personally cant be in a relationship with a stripper, there is no fucking way im gonna trust her or Relate a certain degree of respect for her as my Partner. im very liberal and open minded about a number of things, but im way to jealous and Bourgie for my GF to take her clothes off and get money thrown at her.
    call me old fashioned in that regard.

  3. I guess we don't have a right, even an inch to talk about the kind of relationship they have. Not unless it directly affects you.

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  4. Even if she is in the exotic dancing jobs doesn't mean she cant be in love. Guys, everyone has the right to be happy, no matter who she is. Trust and love if both happen can make a relationship work.

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