Sunday, January 22, 2012


First post of 2012 , celibacy .

What does it mean to you?
What is your 1st thought when you hear the word?
How do you feel about it?
Do you think its possible to maintain celibacy in this day& age?
Could you remain celibate while in a relationship?
Celibacy til Marriage ?

So these are the questions that have been strolling through my head for years now , yes , you read correct . yearS with an S. I'm 18 & i've been battling with this celibacy issue forever . I've tried it many of times but the longest i've managed was 4 months, twice, maybe even more. But this time I want to be serious & really stick to the plan.
My thing has always been self - love .You should treat yourself with love&respect &if you are with someone they should do the same.If your choice is to wait&abstain , they should accept it & respect it , if they really love you & if otherwise they should leave.
It seems like relationships are based on sEx.seX,Sex! and no love or intentions on love,marriage , children & a life together forever. You have sex before you get in a relationship & you get in relationship because you had sex & to get more sex , & you leave the relationship to get sex from elsewhere.
& i've come to conclusion if I do what God wants he'll send me the man i Need who's for me & concern to me.

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