Friday, March 2, 2012


So the weekend is finally here & i'm trying to step out by doing something outgoin & fun besides staying in the house wasting my two day weekend away. I was planning on going to visit home , which is 2hrs. frm my current location, since i havent been there in about 2 yrs.But she had other plans she wants to visit Charlotte to go to a CIAA game well scratch that , for the after parties.I'm still kind of on the fence about the whole scenerio.I wanted to leave Fri. afternoon and come back Sun. afternoon. plus not only does she want to go to a game that idnt care anything about , she tells me she has to take a test Sat.morning , so I have to eliminate a day of my visit. I do want to have fun but I just want to relax also.

I have alot of things that need to be done:
-Stop by the piercing parlor to get a clear nose ring
-Get weave frm beauty supply
-get car serviced for " road trip"
-Pay bills

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