Thursday, November 17, 2011

100 things I would like to accomplish before I die challenge...

Rules; Say something you would like to do or perhaps a place you would like to travel and why. Simple .

1.I would like to be President Of the whole world.
I feel there's things out there that isn't being done but can be done but just is not being done for what ever reason. In my eyes the world's money is being wasted and mismanaged for one. There is starving families , families with no homes ,yet you can give a cast of 8 EACH a amount of  $100,000 or more a episode for a reality tv show that has no real purpose or positive message.
Sending MAJORITY of US jobs overseas ,& for what ? I don't think no boss out there for a corporation would mind more franchising for their company.So why can't their just be enough to go around so no one will be without.
The justice system is all wrong ,backwards ,and just plain unfair . You have lazy police officers , lawyers ,investigators ,and judges who ignore or better yet care not to find evidence that points to the guilty but yet are set free , to do the crime and get away with it again and the innocent ones are locked away for the rest of their lives because of how a judge felt about a certain thing or involved their personal views on a situation instead of looking at the evidence that was being presented.
Nevertheless ,I just wish I could make the world a better, happier place.


  1. I'd like to be a stylist before I die.

    & I went in the store and applied. Ask for application - no if they're hiring.

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