Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Friends...How many of us have them

When I look back in .... I never really had that one true friend . You know you've always had that friend thats always been there but thats all they've done was just be there. So when I say bestfriend I mean a person who you can vent to without feeling like you're being a burden to them; who you can tell all your secrets,fears and deepest thoughts without them judging you, or how about them not telling the things you all shared between eachother even if you all disagree or fall out with one another; just the person you can be yourself around; the person who isn't jealous of you or your success with anything ,that also isn't jealous when you gain new friends or get the guy that she's been secretly wanting but never told you....I long for a bestfriend, my mind is getting overcrowded,im carrying so much weight on my shoulders, and there are things im dying to talk out.

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  1. Hello Andre'a I found your page on " The diary of a black married single mom"

    I can identify with whole wanting a best friend in life. I have had close friend but we have grown apart and things with people change. I am sure you'll find people to express your feelings too and become friends. I look forward to that.

    Hope you check out my blog when you can