Saturday, December 3, 2011

"ewww Yo Sh*t stank Mommy" ...Is this what we teaching our kids now?

I may be late on this video , i can't recall the date when it was posted but when I was browsing along worldstarhiphop I happened to come across this video... I watched ...& then I judged *kanye shrugs* . In MY eyes , this sh*t is so wrong on so many levels . 1st , I could understand if you doing your thing alone , meaning by yourself , maybe along with your girlfriends or something (not saying it'll exactly be right then either but....Im just saying...)but seriously with your children around !!! Did I say children meaning more than 1 , a older daughter & a younger son , so on both aspects you're fcking up big time. This is the example you're trying to set for your daughter, no respect , no boundaries ? For you're son , do you want him to disrespect women & treat them as trash? well pretty much in other words you are because if you're not taught anything & thats what you've grown accustomed to as a child you have no other knowledge beyond what you was taught & grew up around . SMH ! No amount of words can explain how dirty this sh*t is. You have your daughter recording & your son watching. I think she need to be escorted to a parenting class for one.I don't see abuse but I do see emotional endangerment & someone needs to evalcuate her ass. Thats all with my ranting & what not. If you haven't seen , here's the video.


  1. Hi! :)

    Nice blog! (random visitor) I switch back and forth between my natural hair... well I guess you wouldn't say natural because it's relaxed, and hair extensions. But it's extensions the majority of the time... I absolutely love women like you embrace their natural hair! But it's just too difficult for me... LOL especially when you're used to looking a certain way. But I'd really like to know more about it. Were you always a naturalist? Or did you change at some point and why?

    xo -S

  2. Thanks,alot . but no, i wasn't always a naturalist. I went natural when I was 15 i'm now 18.
    Being natural isn't difficult as it may seem or you think.The same methods you use by keeping your hair braided & sew-in weave for certain periods of time, natural women call that protective styling which protects your natural hair.My point is if you would like to go natural the best thing to do is wear protective styles so you want feel the stress of having to struggle with your natural mane everyday. Have you decided or what would you like to do if you were to go natural , the big chop or transition?

  3. Transition! I couldn't do the big chop, ever, well at least I don't think so. But I've thought about it plenty of times, when I didn't feel like doing my hair. Ugh, hair is such a hassle sometimes. LOL

  4. well thats even better . stop getting a relaxer. keep in braids, twists , weaves , whatever jus as long as your hair is protected.keep it moisterized...whenever your hair reaches a length that youre satisfied with , jus cut off those relaxed ends.