Sunday, November 13, 2011

Its Me again

I have yet to create another blog , idk why , but i have .Maybe , I guess , it's because this blog suppose to be a new me or some sort of new beginning . Iont know *nicki minaj voice* .But anyways I haven't been up to much of nothing lately but workin , working & more WORKING !!! very tiring , but i will not complain because i truely enjoy the money .My job has great benefits, you get paid every week , good hours & the salary is something serious ....BUT.... u knw there's always some CON's to everything .I would have to say i dislike the fact that if you miss days or late for WHATEVER reason , it doesn't matter ,you get points , we're allowed to have up to 12 points then we're TERMINATED. Another one ;you have to explain ur EVERY move . UGH ! i hate that so much . If im sick ,i have to check in with my supervisor to let him knw &tell him why im sick& blah blah blah .I be feeling like a kid in school or something . 30min. breaks.Impossible !too much to do in too little time ....thats all.

I bleached my hair high blonde , idk what tone , but higher than honey i think . I must say I love the look even though im not finished yet. When i was bleaching my hair last Sun. I ran out of bleach & decided to jus wait til this weekend to bleach the rest of my half unbleached hair then i'll put my desired color of rinse .

So Wed.was my cousin's bday but she decided she would have her party Sat.(tech. yesterday) so since i spent the night before outta town I decided, hey why not go to the mall & get a cheap out fit & heels & her a nice , cheap shirt ....It won't take long ...well thats what I told myself . Her party started around 4:30 , for me to get to her party from where I was at would take me an hour + 25mins. ...DRIVING THE SPEED LIMIT SOMETHING I DONT DO !Anyways i got to the mall at 2 something left the mall at 4 something . SMH them damn Shoe stores! gets me everything . I ended up going to FOREVER21 , SHOE DEPO , & CHARLOTTE RUSSE , & i must admit im in love with ANYTHING CHEETAH PRINT ,,,, im addicted . I brought a pair of leopard print pair of heels & a loose see thru floral shirt (ithink thats what u call em)

Im such a procrasinater . I've supposed to been did a writing assignment , its pretty much a essay, for over a month now & i have not even began to start yet . I jus need motivation & drive lord someone jus guide me & pray that I finish SOON !!!!

Im bck in action since I just got my internet bck connected so I should keep everything posted of recent events.

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